Monday Yoga Madness

Hello my loves!

I hope you all had an awesome monday, and maybe a three day weekend for some of you!! After a few slow days of balancing and mindful yoga, I was eager to break a sweat on my mat and start my week off right!

This video helped me disconnect from my thoughts and really focus on my breath and asanas. I hope you all find time to get on your mats, go to the gym, read a book, or laugh with a friend today. You all deserve the lives you are willing to let yourselves have.

Start off the week with a strengthening mindset and see what kind of oppurtunities you may be able to manifest your way.

I love you all, all the time.




Happy Valentine’s Day Ya’ll…… I love you!

Happy Valentine’s Day my Loves!! I hope you all had a wonderful day full of love and laughter. You all so deserve it so very much.

Get out of your heads and into your hearts my lovelies.

What’s your favorite love song? I would love to know what you have vibing in your hearts today.

Here’s my current favorites, and it they make my heart sing. I am totally open for the journey and I can not wait to see where my heart will take me.

Don’t forget to get on your mat and find your me time. Adriene has a great video for Valentine’s day that is just what you need to connect to you and connect to love.

I love you all, all the time!



Enjoy, I triple dog dare you!

You have 15 minutes right now to change your entire day, attitude and energy level.

I triple dog dare you to do this video!!

This was a quick 15 minutes and I am so glad I didn’t skip it even though I just line danced for two and a half hours, ran around town like a chicken with its head cut off all day and was starving and exhausted before I even got on my mat after being active for over 13 hours.

After 15 minutes I feel great and can’t wait to see what the rest of the night will bring me.

Enjoy my loves!!

All the love, all the time!!


You are in Control…


My monday started off a little hectic, and by a little I mean A  LOT.  Total definition of a Manic Monday! Throught positive self talk and reaching out to my bestie, I kept my cool for the most part but I could feel those negative comments swirling in my head and making their way to my heart.

I have a very sick puppy (we rescued it on Saturday),  insane self mutilating cat (who is my one true furry baby love) who is currently pulling out her stitches from being spayed last thursday, and a baby shower co-host who just isn’t as invested as I am in the baby shower we are throwing for my very pregnant sister. (29 1/2 weeks).

After it’s all said and done, it’s all about how I react to the situation. Who cares if I’ve spent $500 in vet bills in 4 days, that my co-host can’t seem to complete any task at hand (we haven’t sent out the invitations and the shower is less than three weeks away..eekkkk), or if my day is thrown for a loop time and time again. I can totally control my reaction to it all. You create your own reality, so I am manifesting a great one right now, yesterday, and tomorrow.

My cat has a cone head now, my puppy is on the mend with medicine, invitations are ordered and I added a new co-host (Bestie to the rescue, again! I don’t know why I always forget to just have her onboard from the get-go)  who is already pulling her weight and that so many others. I totally got this shit!!

I love yoga, so much. It is always the path back to me. My mat time is my “me time” and I am always grateful for anytime I can spend here. Find time today to remind yourself that “you are in control, and you deserve everything you want and so much more”.

Get out of your head and into your hearts and allow the awesome abundance of love, gratitude, and acceptance to flow into you.

I love you all, all the time!!!




Open up and show love…..

What are you open to today? What can you let in and be present for? You create your own reality, so create one you are totally in love with!

End the weekend open to whatever it is that you need to let in and maybe let some of that stress or negative emotion out in the process. You deserve everything you allow yourself to be open to and so much more.

I love you all, all the time!




Puppy Rescue Saturday



Most of my morning was occupied with rescuing a tiny puppy covered in fleas from under my porch.  She was so helpless and in such pain. My sister and I worked for over an hour to remove the fleas that were eating her alive, literally. We were able to get her clean and into warm bedding. Her belly is now full and she is sleeping soundly in her new pet carrier. We will take her to the vet first thing on Monday to make sure she is a healthy as she can be before she becomes the next member of our ever growing family.

I spent the afternoon with my elder parents and held space for my stepmom who very much needed a listening ear. Emotions were high as she voiced her current frustrations and I was happy to guide her through them with love and attention. I am so grateful to be centered and secure in my own thinking during times when others need a sounding board. It was a long, and needed visit for us all.

It was a full day filled with a sick puppy, a misunderstood stepmother, and hours of early morning pre-spring house cleansing. After being up for 14 hours,  I was eager to hop on my mat when I came home to help stir up some pranic energy to help me find center and connect to my inner peace. I found a quick video to finish while my cooking my dinner, being multitasking is the key to my day today.

As always, I am lovingly grateful for my mat time. 16 minutes of me time is everything after a day like today.

I love you all, all the time.


Stop it right there!!

Don’t take stress or negative emotions into your home and your weekend! Take time today to RELEASE anything that is bothering you or holding you back. You can do it. You have time. You so deserve it.

Even if you decide you just can’t find time for your mat today, then atleast strike a power pose and get some of of your negative energy out and invite confidence and positive emotion in.  Power Pose your way into an awesome attitude. 

I love you all, all the time. Namaste

#breatheresponsibly #bethechange #attitudeofgratitude

Rinse and Repeat

Do yourself a favor and take 17 minutes to “Rinse” off your stress, connect with your true self, and be grateful for the moment. Forget the stock market, forget politics, forget your “crazy” in laws, and just enjoy being you for a bit. If you watched netflix last night then you have time for Yoga today. (and everyday after)

I love you all, all the time!



I attract…

What are you attracting into your life today, tomorrow, and for your future? You have the absolute ability to manifest anything and everything you want for your life. Take time to connect to your true passion and attract more of that daily. You deserve all this and so much more!

I love you all, all the time! Namaste!
#ywa #attitudeofgratitude #youcreateyourownreality #breatheresponsibly

7 Faces of Intention (with Wayne Dyer)

Creativity, Kindness, Love, Beauty, Expansion, Unlimited Abundance, and Receptivity are the 7 faces of Intentions outlined in the “Power of Intention” by Wayne Dyer. If you aren’t familiar with Wayne please take the time for your own well being to get acquainted:

The all encompassing ever knowing intention we all have access to is what drives our daily thoughts, actions, and outcomes.

Creativity: The power of intention must include creativity at its core or nothing would exist. The fact that there is life on earth is an example of the creative face of intention at it’s very center. Creative energy is in everyone, everywhere.
Kindness: Choosing to be kind is a choice to have the power of intention active in your life. Being kind and witnessing kind acts release the feel good hormones, Oxytocin and Serontonin. There are many health benefits to strengthening and using your 
“Kind Muscles”. Start benefiting from being kind to others today.

Love:  The power of love is ineffable. Love triumphs over feelings of hate, negative emotions, and sadness at the energetic level.  The idea of Love as the universal healer is more than idea. It is a fact.   Get out of your heads and into your hearts, and let the healing begin from the inside out.

” If you aren’t doing what you love and loving what you are doing, your power of intention is weakened.” – Wayne Dyer

Beauty:  Beauty is everywhere, and everywhere is beautiful. Being able to see beauty in any situation aligns you with the power of intention. You can find beauty in any situation, person, or tragedy if you look and acknowledge it.

Do yourself and the world a favor and seek and see beauty in every moment.

Expansion:  The power of intention most definitely includes the power of expansion and helps elevate and increase all areas of your life. When you find something you love and you start to work in that realm, the natural flow is expansion as you create more of the life you are wanting.

Unlimited Abundance: Just as your thoughts have no limits so does the power of intention. You have the ability to intend anything you want into your life and to continue the flow of those wanting in an endlessly abundant manner. By allowing yourself an abundance mindset, you will relax, enjoy, and benefit from everyday interactions in every moment. Practicing an attitude of gratitude and being aware of your thoughts in every interaction are great ways to create abundance in your life.

Receptivity:  The receptive face of intention includes the idea that the power of intention is available to everyone, everywhere if we are open to receive it. Creating a personal awareness of your own ability to receive everything you intend to yourself is essential in the power of intention. The power of intention is available to everyone, if you are willing to recognize it exists and receive it.

By becoming aware of the faces of intention and applying them to your everyday life in all situations you will begin to realize how beautiful, loving, expansive, kind, creative, receptive and abundant your life actually is already. It was always this way, welcome to being aware of how truly radiant your life can be. Allow, accept, and enjoy.

I love you all, all the time,