Everyday is a choice. Today, and everyday after, you can choose to strip yourself of your old programming and engage in a new self driven #journey.

By default we spend most of our day in autopilot, reliving years of #selfprogramming created by others when we were too young and unaware of our ability to choose what we want for ourselves. Once you are aware of your power, it’s time to drop any fears you have (also a program from your past, not a true feeling) and engage in a purposeful journey to yourself. #selfhealing

If you are living a life that is stagnant and unfulfilled, it is your choice to stay in that life. You can make a new choice, take a leap, and drive change in your life. Do something that makes you uncomfortable. From contrast comes clarity. Play in the contrast and discover new paths. Love and connection are the path to #higherconsciousness

Love you all, Namaste. #alltheloveallthetime

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