Your daily actions are connected to your spiritual alignment, and your #spiritualalignment drives your action. When you can acknowledge these two must #coexist in harmony, supporting your #truepurpose things can flow to you with ease. To ignore the connection creates pain, shame, blame, and negative experiences. You drive your own reality. Stop living the story someone else wrote for you and begin living a story you’re writing for yourself today. #itstartswithyou #writeyourstory #tunedintappedinturnedon

Everyday is an excuse to either double down on what’s not working for you, or an opportunity to create growth and change. Each interaction you decide if you want to continue to interact with people who aren’t in your best interest or if you want to move towards people who truly encouraged you to become your better self.

It’s really scary to think about being out on your own but it may be better to be alone then surrounded by people who are not pushing you towards your goals. You are brave, you are capable, you are a magnificent Creator and influencer of change.

Get moving!!

All the love, 100 percent of the time,



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