Sometimes life can create interaction that can be a challenge to even the most centered individual. Even when we are energetically aligned with ourselves, we still may interact with others who are struggling to manage their energy and emotions. If they are not consciously aware and working to manage their emotions, then their emotions are managing them without restraint.

You can connect easily with people who live in joy, love, and gratitude. They create light and love when they are around you. Its comfortable to be with this person. You can sit together and the need to check your clock or find an escape are not an issue.

On the flip side of love is pain and anger. When you are in contact with someone who is not managing their energy well and are in the shadows, you can feel this contrast too. You are aware of how they can rock your emotions and energetic state without saying a word. You feel shut down, defensive, and maybe a little nauseous when they are near. With this interaction, comes a choice……

This is your moment. You have control over you, and only you. You can decide to join in their personal torment, beginning to give unsolicited and possibly unwelcome advice or disengage to maintain your energetic alignment. It’s always a choice. It may not always be easy to pull away from those you love but the choice is clear.

You can model self love and self healing by choosing to focus on your own alignment over that of others. It is not selfish to manage your own energy and protect yourself from negative emotions and energetic spills from unconnected people. It is not rude to excuse yourself from a charged interaction, to find calm and peace within. It is not shameful to choose your own energetic peace over that of others. We can not pour from an empty cup and we should not let others have their fill without our permission.

Choose you, choose love, choose peace.



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