Do you dance in your shadows towards your light? Or do you let the shadows hide your inner truth?

Everyone has shadows in their path that may block their light and distract them from their true purpose. When days have more shadows than light, it can be easy to lose your focus and start to spiral into the void. You are not alone in this darkness. You never were. Sometimes the darkness comes to conceal your path and other times its a reminder that you are capable of light regardless of the shadows in your way.

You create your own reality based on your current state and how you feel. Your feelings shifts, creating thoughts, that influence the things that arrive in your life. If you choose to focus on the negative, the shadows, darkness must follow. If you choose to lean towards the light, accepting positive emotions, instead of fear or anger, your path can brighten and your true future begins to flow toward you quickly without resistance.

Being conscious of your feelings is a choice. It may be difficult to do at first but with practice, it comes with ease. Don’t let darkness be an excuse. Don’t let others dim your light. You do not need others to agree with you for you to dance in the light. Model to others the inner light you hold. Don’t hide it, share it. The world needs more light and consciously connected people to lead with love and light, rather than fear and shadows.

Make the choice to be the light, the change, the influencer.

Love you all, Namaste,


#bethelight #shadowdancer #lightdancer

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