Have you ever been in a situation where you thought to yourself “I wish this person knew me better, because they have no idea who I am….” ???

How long were you stuck in that thought? How long did you ruminate about what that meant for you? How much energy and time did you give to exploration and personal (maybe even professional) research to find evidence that your thoughts were true?

Did you decide that, the person was crazy a nf judgmental, and that you weren’t? Did you come to the conclusion that nothing was wrong with you and everything was wrong with them? Did you decide that they were completely accurate and their description of you was on point and you started to plan to change yourself to be what they needed? Did you lose yourself and your purpose in the process?

As I grow and learn more about myself, and the universe, I realize that people are trapped. They are strapped and tied down to an idea that will never serve them. They work hard everyday to maintain a persona that is not true to their calling. They strive in every moment and in every movement to become the person their parents, teachers, and significant others believe them to be. And upon further review, the realization is being a person you are not is not only exhausting but depressing to everyone involved.

When is it time to decide that you are and have been allowed to be yourself, and that no one else’s opinion matters? When is it time to become you? When is the appropriate time to drop the self-limiting beliefs that were embedded in you in childhood, to shift and grow into a person who is no longer restricted by views of others and only guided by intuition?

When is your time?

I write to you today, tonight, whatever time you are reading this…. to release you. Nothing any one says, does, or implies has anything to do with you. Your true nature is something that is only internal, innate, and is nothing that anyone else can disturb when you are aligned with you true nature.

There are a lot of people in your life who will tell you that I am wrong, that you are wrong, and they are right. It’s completely your decision to decide whether or not you believe this. Honestly and unfortunately, it is beneficial to people in your life to keep you where you are and to not push you to change. Their comfort zone involves you being where you’re at and not making any movement to change the status quo or compromise their current situation. They need you to be their version of you. But you are a potential wild card….and they don’t like that.

I challenge you today to connect to yourself and make a decision that will influence your own ability to pursue your dream regardless of how it affects everyone around you.

You do not owe anyone, anything, and you never did. If you can believe this statement, then everything you’ve ever wanted is within your reach. Drop your fears and create your story.

Sadly most people will never believe this and will continue to strive to please others regardless of their own internal desires and never push towards personal fulfillment.

“You create your own reality”, it’s not an offhanded thought with no meaning and truth. It’s a mantra, an internal motto, a guide towards your own original purpose. You can decide today to pursue your dreams and drop the self-limiting beliefs that others have imposed on you. You are not what people think you are, you are what you think you are.

Think big. Think small. Just think. You’re not an afterthought, an obligation, or a hero. You are you. So start acting and thinking in ways that can shape a reality that serves your heart.

Wake up, show up, be you.

All my love and encouragement, all the fucking time,



#loveislove #youcreateyourownreality #bethechange

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