Life is life. What a simple statement with so much weight if you really consider the meaning.

We spend most of our time looking around at others and consistenty, painfully, unfairly compariing our lives to theirs, creating an equation that is validating to our choices and devisive towards others. Our minds tirelessly move while categorizing memories, experiences, and emotions as good or bad, normal or weird, on autopilot without our consicious input or consent. Our egos demand that we compare and strive to be the “best” when our individual minds are sharing space with others. Our bodies go through the motions they have grown accustom too, avoiding tension or pain, maintianing the day to day status quo of “normal life.”

“Normal life to you is not normal life to me or anyone else on this planet. No two people think, feeling, process, love, fear, hate, react, or speak the same way. Period.”

Your intial reaction to the previous statement allows some insight into your ability to manifest a life that you create, lead, and actively partcipate in.

If you thought: “Well duh, of course we are all different, and thankfully we are ” ….You may be ready to embark on a journey that will bring you closer to your true self, ground you to you, and validate your everyday thoughts and feelings as unique, “normal”, and totally you” 

If you thought: “yeah, yeah, we are all different in some ways, but for the most part we are all the same, or want to be.” …We still have work to do. You still have work to do. Actually you have to do nothing,  ever, always, But that’s a little too “woo-woo” for you at this point in your journey. We will circle back to that at a later time, when you are ready to create more openly and claim your time as your own, always.

So you want to create your own reality, to harness your innate power, to collaborate with your inner child, and live your life on your terms and no one elses? You want to drop your blame and pick up your story? You are determined to change your life, regardless of fear of the unknown?

I believe you. We can start right now.

Life is Life. You are You. People are People. Your Present is Your Present. Your reality is yours alone. If you are interested in creating your own reality to be one that is intentional, emotionally rich, financially abundant and self aware, then you can and will successsfully do so.

Each moment, each day, each breathe, you have the ability to become yourself more and the version of yourself you pretend to be for others less. I’m not suggesting you are two different people, just that you may feel pressure to preform in social, professional, and romantic situations. That pressure is self imposed, its from your ideas of how you percieve others to judge you.  The truth is, people don’t even pay that much attention to you or others. People are living in their own self created realities, judging themselves based on their ideas of how others are probably judging them. It a vicious cycle of nonsense that we engage in daily without much resistance. There is a way to end the madness, there is a way to break the cycle, and become self aware and free.

Step 1: Recognize the Pattern/The Grind as a Voluntary Program

Step 2: Explore Yourself: Personal Likes, Goals, and Passions

Step 3: Intentionally Connect to Others in all Parts of Your Life

Step 4: Be Open to the Journey, Be Gentle with the Process. 

We will explore each step in detail over the next few days and start to create a reality that serves our passions and honors our strengths.

Namaste my loves.


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