Silence can be scary, creating fear in a confused moment.  Silence can be a gift, allowing reflection during chaos.

Silence can create distance, a scary void of unspoken truths and misinformed lies. Silence can create space in a suffocating conversation, allowing breath instead of panic.

Silence can be a weapon, used to dominate and control. Silence can be a peace maker, humble and selfless.

Silence can be loud, intrusive, painful to the touch. Silence can be healing, refreshing, a moment of calm in a storm of noise.

Silence can be unwelcome, rude, unapologetic. Silence can be a hug, a shelter, a safe place to hide.

Silence can be nothing, a void, a voiceless thought. Silence can be everthing, energetic, a plea for action.

Silence can hurt and smother you. Silence can protect and save you.

Silence can be a scary gift.


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