I was journaling today, for the first time this year, determined to resume my ritual of  daily journaling and I received an excellent message from my past self to continue to grow, manifest, and create a reality that is working for me.

Creating healthy habits and routines are essential when manifesting your dreams and creating a reality that is serving to you.  One of my creation rituations over the past few years has included journaling, “I am” Affirmations, and listing goals. I prefer to journal atleast 10 minutes a day, usually before yoga, and definitely before work or interacting with another human being. I got out my journal and flipped to the first empty page and started with my “I am….” statements, and let the words flow. I did this easily for 5 minutes and stopped to grab my coffee.

My journal feel off my lap and opened to the front, revealing a journal entry I had created after partcipating in a Guided Imagery Mediatation during a Meditation Workshop I attended during the summer of 2019 at Morning Glory Yoga Studio in Nacogdoches, Texas.

I wanted to share my letter to myself and just how powerful words can be.


Dear Conscious Creator,

You are on your way to your next chapter. You have already begun the process. By taking this course you have created a new nueral pathway and proven to yourself that you are in the right place, at the right time with the right people. You are not as afraid as you imagined yourself to be. You are consciously connected to self and other who are pulling you closer and closer to your true calling. You are moving, to learn more, to grow, you will see me soon. 



“It’s ok to just be. Not everything needs an answer, sit in the discomfort and grow.” 

I definitely love the person who wrote this letter.  It’s validating to read words that I wrote to my present day self with respect and love, and a whole bunch of gratitude.

I think I will continue to write letters to my future self, and review them occassionally, reminding me to continue my journey towards self discovery with clarity, abundance, ease, and love of self and others.

keep creating guys,




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