You matter. Say it, believe it, feel it.

What you do each day is important is just as important as what you may have not gotten to do. During a time of pandemic, a time of uncertainty, a time where independence is restricted and fear is high, the most important thing you can do is plan things for you.

Take back your control. Take back your freedom. Take back you.

You can have a sense of freedom and security even during this time. Self care is essential during a time of stress and preferable as a habit in general. Self care is the only care that you can control 100%. Intentionally creating a space for your own sense of self and planning consciously to take care of you by engaging in a healthy act of self love is the goal.

Everyday, most people spend their time caring for others, preforming tasks for others, meeting deadlines for others while sleeping less, working harder, and getting stressed out in the process. We force ourselves out of our comfort zones, into our jobs, families, and relationships without paying much attention to our own wants and needs along the way.

We have the ability to take back our time and its important that we do.

What small act can you do to help you take care of you? Self care is different for everyone, and it should be. Self care can be a unique activity that you may engage in to make yourself feel connect to you. Self care can be an activity with a group or alone. Self care is any activity that creates joy and relaxation in your life.

What can you do today to make yourself feel well?

Your well being is yours. Own it, claim it, be it.

from my self care to yours,



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